Commercial Insurance

Harden offers deep experience in creating customized solutions to our clients’ commercial insurance and risk management challenges.

Harden closely examines your organization to understand not only the insurance needs but also the enterprise risks. These can include financial, human resources, regulatory, information technology, supply chain, and reputational risks, among others.

Our associates combine business acumen with technical risk management experience to deliver more predictable and meaningful outcomes. As a result, the programs we develop help lower the total cost of risk and diminish our clients’ exposure to unpredictability in the marketplace.

By making significant investments in people, technology, and processes, we strive to become a valued strategic partner to those we serve.


Harden supports a robust platform of potential services designed to increase enterprise value and reduce the overall impact of risk.

Risk Identification

Harden supports identification and documentation of your company’s exposure to risks, performing loss analysis, and program benchmarking. We can perform a contract review, conduct site visits, and assess employee perspectives on risk.

Insurance Program Specifications

Harden will design a program structure, develop a request for proposal (RFP), document positive risk characteristics, create a narrative of operations, and leverage knowledge obtained during the risk identification and program audit process.

Insurance Procurement

When it comes time to procure your insurance, Harden will manage the RFP process and negotiate the terms, conditions, and services. We’ll also perform a comparative analysis of your options to ensure informed decision-making, and finalize the program terms and conditions.

Insurance Program Management

In managing your program, Harden will assure the accuracy of all specifications and support legal and contractual requirements. We’ll also handle the premium allocation and the transfer of organized documentation. And of course, we will maintain the program as operations change, execute a program management plan, and educate you on impactful dynamics along the way.

Program Audits

Our insurance program auditing services include a complete evaluation of your coverage and presentation of risk transfer and risk financing options.


We start by establishing prospective program objectives and creating consensus on the objective support plan. Within this plan, we deploy the services and resources required to support your objectives, and we assign a responsible team member. We also identify a target date for completion to ensure accountability and performance. We recognize accountability continues throughout the process and extends to the other third parties involved. We also measure services against best practices benchmarks and undertake claim and experience modification analysis.

Safety and Loss Control

Harden facilitates safety and loss control issues through program consultation, design, documentation, and training. We also support compliance strategies.

Claims Advocacy

Harden will design and document claim handling procedures while undertaking claim reviews, analytics, and benchmarking. We monitor and measure insurer and Third Party Administrator (TPA) performance, as well as design post-loss programs.

Enterprise Risk Analysis

Our services include enterprise risk analysis, property risk modeling, and merger and acquisition due diligence, among many others.

Risk Management Technology

At Harden, we have invested in multiple risk management technology platforms to provide our clients with innovative and robust solutions for risk prevention, training, workplace safety, compliance, claims, and other critical areas of risk management.

Disaster Recovery

Harden has the trained resources to support our clients in designing, implementing, and testing business continuity and disaster recovery plans to minimize business disruptions following a catastrophe.

Captives and Alternative Risk Solutions

Harden supports captive feasibility studies, captive management, program management, and captive consulting services.

Actuarial Consulting

Harden’s actuarial services support clients in various industries with needs ranging from captive feasibility studies to risk assessment.


Insurance underwriters consider us a preferred partner due to Harden's integrity, technical competence, and understanding, relative to policyholders' exposures.

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