Products & Services

At Harden, we aspire to enhance our clients’ enterprise value by decreasing the overall cost of risk, optimizing employee benefits resources, and creating predictable results. By delivering on this vision, we hope to be recognized as a trusted advisor with our clients. As an industry leader in insurance, risk management, and employee benefits services, our client-centric approach differentiates us. Our most critical roles are first understanding our clients’ unique objectives, then deploying the relevant knowledge and resources to support those objectives.

Our experience in analyzing and interpreting marketplace intelligence and applying proven and emerging concepts and techniques allows us to convert information into actionable knowledge in support of client objectives. This is precisely the unique benefit we provide to our clients.  The broad range of products and services we provide for our clients only represents a few of the variables that enable us to achieve this outcome. Calculated deployment of these components can diminish uncertainty by gaining insight and applying knowledge with a disciplined process that helps our clients make quality, informed decisions concerning risk and employee benefits management.

Commercial Insurance

Harden closely examines your organization to understand not only its insurance needs but also enterprise risks. With a deep understanding of your business, Harden develops customized strategies to reduce risk, reduce costs, and provide certainty.

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Employee Benefits

At Harden, we provide valuable insight into the unique strategies needed to improve the economic security and well-being of employees, and in doing so, improve employee retention, administrative efficiency, and profitability.

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Personal Insurance

Securing wealth for you, your family, and generations to come requires a custom, personalized insurance plan designed and implemented by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of your individual objectives. Harden can help.

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