The Essentials of Passion Investing 101

The Essentials of Passion Investing 101

11.3.2016 : The Essentials of Passion Investing 101

With increasing volatility in the global financial markets, high net worth clients have looked beyond traditional investments to balance their financial portfolios. There is increasing wealth allocation toward art, collector cars, wine, jewelry and other collectibles.

Many personal collectors remain unaware of the value changes and as a result, their personal assets are not adequately protected nor managed.

This presentation will address the following topics:

  • IRS guidelines and tax strategies for alternative assets
  • How the expanding global art market impacts value
  • Understanding how value is determined and the appraisal process
  • Using Art as Collateral
  • Monetization Strategies – How to achieve the highest return on alternative asset investment
  • Understanding risk management strategies for alternative Assets

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