Hurricane Season & Insurance Preparedness

Hurricane Season & Insurance Preparedness

6.9.2018 : Hurricane Season & Insurance Preparedness

Engaging and well-attended, this event was cosponsored by the Indo American Medical Association of Northeast Florida and featured a custom wine pairing experience at The River Club. Sommelier, Blake Mitchum, presented our attendees with the Columbia Crest H3 collection, complimented by a four course tasting menu.

Tonya Ray Bailey, Vice President at Harden, and Audrey C. Moran, Personal Insurance Account Director, brought awareness to the coverage differences between homeowners and flood insurance policies, with hurricane season in our midst. In addition, Chad Bunnell, LUTCF, provided education on supplemental retirement income planning strategies.

During the presentation, the following topics were discussed:

• Recent hurricane statistics and the 2018 forecast
• How to review your homeowners coverage and deductibles
• Flood zones and common flood insurance questions
• Financial services, including asset protection, asset accumulation, and asset distribution
• Roth IRAs and common questions
• Tax treatments and pre-tax vs. after-tax diversification
• Importance of reviewing all policies and seeking advice of experienced insurance experts

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