Endorsed by the Florida Hospital Association, we provide insurance, risk management, and employee benefit solutions to many of the largest, most complex healthcare institutions and physician practices in Florida.

Today’s healthcare providers operate in a highly dynamic, complex, and intensely competitive environment. As a result, they are constantly facing new challenges and confronting emerging exposures to risk. Physician and health-system margins are eroding, while the demand for improving the quality of care is increasing. Fee-for-service models are shifting to outcome-based compensation, thus increasing provider risk. Meanwhile, legislative reforms such as ACA have presented providers with an increasingly demanding environment. In these progressively complex and evolving market conditions, Harden delivers a sense of certainty and predictability.

Endorsed by the Florida Hospital Association, Harden is a technically knowledgeable, detail oriented and customer focused firm with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare Practice consists of a dedicated team of professionals who work with many of the largest, most complex healthcare institutions and physician practices in Florida. This team supports its healthcare clients to develop practical, comprehensive solutions involving risk identification, risk mitigation, risk financing, and risk administration.


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Florida Hospital Risk Alliance


Harden has the unique privilege to facilitate the Florida Hospital Risk Alliance, a special purpose entity founded and owned by Florida Hospitals. It is designed to reduce the cost of property insurance while ensuring ample capacity for catastrophic hurricane and flood exposures for member hospitals. FHRA members save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through economies of scale, efficient utilization of reinsurance, advanced statistical modeling techniques, targeted asset hardening strategies, and statutory immunity from premium taxes and residual market assessments.

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Harden's strengths are their experience in the healthcare industry and their attentiveness to our account. We feel like we're an important account and get a lot of individualized attention from experienced staff who know our industry. They're what we're looking for.

  - Rob Lord | President, Cleveland Clinic Martin Health

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