A Harden Construction client has over 2,000,000 man hours without a lost time incident and currently maintains an experience modification rating of 0.53.

With our business acumen and technical experience, Harden understands many risks inherent in the construction industry. That’s why we work diligently to help clients build surety capacity and offer a benefit program to attract and retain talent—so you can grow your business. We also facilitate solutions relative to contractual risk-transfer and compliance issues so you can appropriately protect your business. Harden seeks to understand your business model, risk management needs, and benefit-administration opportunities.

As consultants, we can provide customized solutions that go beyond traditional insurance products, such as analyzing financial and risk management trends to identify the sources of recurring claims. After an initial analysis, we develop and implement strategies in all areas of safety and risk. We believe this is part of what makes Harden a unique partner for your company.

Harden is much more than an insurance broker, they are our trusted advisor and long time stakeholder. MJW Consolidated has been Harden insured for over 20 years and has demonstrated time and again that it cares about our business success. We appreciate the risk management suport and guidance along with exceptional responsiveness that Harden provides.

  - Annemarie Nemeth, CPA | CFO, Milton J. Wood

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