To Us, Uncertainty Is Simply Unacceptable.

Uncertainty: Our job is to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Certainty is freedom from doubt. It sounds pretty simple, but achieving it is not. Removing the “un” from “uncertainty” is at the core of everything we do. We seek to give our clients the confidence of being fully prepared for the future. One of the ways we provide this degree of certainty is through our proprietary InSight process.

No, we can’t prevent unexpected challenges or claims. But we can promise that, with our help, you will be better able to handle many of life’s unknowns through knowledge that leads to decisions that drive predictable results.

With Harden’s knowledge and experience, we seek to improve your position to manage risk and optimize human resources. We seek to provide InSight by quantifying the direct and indirect costs of risk and employee benefits, evaluating alternative solutions, developing a plan that optimizes resources, and assuring effective, accountable execution. This creates the best and most predictable results for our clients. Knowledge is the key, and Harden is the source of that knowledge.

InSight Process:

Insight Model

Through our proprietary InSight process, we undertake the meticulous process of understanding your company and its strategic enterprise objectives. Only then do we formulate an insurance, risk management, and employee benefits plan that is not only unique to your situation but also measurable. InSight makes it possible to arrive at more quality, informed decisions and prioritize delivery of resources based on strategic objectives.

InSight is a dynamic, revolving process that includes Discovery, Evaluation, Design, Implementation, and Measurement—all centered on your objectives and pursued only after achieving mutual consensus.